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Our 7 Month Old's Hair Routine

Guess who’s hair has grown back???

Here's our 7 month old’s hair routine...

Hair Texture

Her strands are visibly growing longer, less kinky and more wavy.

Hair Loss Update

Her bald spot was short-lived and is no longer visible. (I think the same goes for mine - I experienced a few weeks of noticeable postpartum shedding).

Dry Scalp

I'm still treating her scalp with olive oil.

Washing Her Hair

I am bathing her a little less (probably 5 days out of the week). Her bath routine is the same - she sits in the tub with very little water. We use a wet washcloth with a little soap, rinse, then style with olive oil.

Soft Spot Update

She still has her soft spot on the top of her head. It doesn’t affect how I do her hair, because the baby brush we use is super soft. It simply serves to remind me, we are both still healing.

See you at the next update.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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