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Our 10 Month Old’s Hair Care Routine

10 month old baby sitting on a blanket

Her hair may seem short, but I can see her growth.

She has two textures. The front lays straight, while the back kinks up into tight coils.

Her soft spot is still there and allegedly doesn’t go away until 18 months.

Her scalp is looking great (no signs of flakes or dryness). I guess it just needed time to heal.

She usually takes her baths by herself. Sometimes I join her, simply because it allows me to take care of both of us at once, especially on busier days where I need to get a lot done.

I’m still using oil and that’s it. No soap in her hair this month.

I soak a washcloth and squeeze it out over her head. Surprisingly she doesn’t mind water in her face -- she just spits it out and doesn’t cry.

I love brushing her hair, so I do it while it’s wet. She’ll stay still in the tub, but once she’s out she prefers to explore.

To change her diaper I have to sing twinkle twinkle little star. Maybe I should think of a hair song. Any suggestions?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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