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Our 13 Month Old’s Hair Care Routine

I’m regularly using product now.

close up of tightly curled and coily baby hair

Bath Time

I drench her hair in water daily and wash (with soap) once a week. I apply one pump of conditioner and use the comb or brush to evenly distribute the product.

Her Texture

Her hair feels super soft, but needs to be done daily to maintain its softness.

Her Length

Her hair is probably an inch, which is long enough to style in sections with elastics, but being a tenderheaded family, I prefer to keep her hair in a fro, because it’s gentler on the scalp.

This does mean that her hair loses moisture quickly and needs to be restyled daily.


She definitely doesn’t sit still. So I do not get the chance to thoroughly detangle her hair, but I do my best.

Her Scalp

I no longer feel her soft spot. And she no longer has noticeable scalp dryness.

Her Sisters’ Reactions

Our 5 year old says, “she looks like an angel.” And our 8 year old says, “she doesn’t look like a baby anymore.”

How is your little one’s hair journey going? Want to check out her month-to-month hair routine? Start here. And these are my hair tips for babies under one.

Until next time…

Love The Journey,

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