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Our 14 Month Old's Hair Care Routine

I’ve been using some serious negotiation skills to do this girl‘s hair.


Her hair is about 5 inches long and because it curls back on itself, I have to style it or it becomes very dry and brittle before the end of the day.

So I part her hair into 7 sections and secure with elastics.

It’s not the normal rubber bands, it’s the elastic hair ties that are super thin. I feel these do not tangle in her hair and pop if there is too much tension. Which is ideal for preventing tight styles.

They also come out easily and painlessly.

Gathering her hair together also makes her hair look shinier because the strands are laying flat. The hair that is hanging out of the elastic I finger coil, so that it too stays shiny, soft, and moisturized.

I save the parts, by redoing her hair one section at a time and securing her hair with new elastics. That way the process is quicker because I do not have to re-part her hair everyday.


The elastics trap a bunch of lint, so after removing them I comb the lint out with our fine tooth comb.

Wash Routine

While I wash her hair once a week with our bar soap, her hair has to be fully saturated every day.

We either bathe together or she takes her bath by herself in our kitchen sink. It depends on the day, sometimes I need that alone time.

This was our daily routine for most of the month. Towards the end she started shaking her head, making it nearly impossible for me to do anything. So now... we are back to her fro.

How’s hair time with your little one? Want to check out earlier months? Start here.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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