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Our 12 Month Old’s Hair Care Routine

She’s obsessed with water and now loves splashing in the tub. Here’s our one year old’s hair routine...


We still bathe together, other times she bathes with her sisters, and sometimes it’s by herself (in the kitchen sink). Our one year old doesn’t care — as long as she is in water.

Hair Products

Since her hair is growing, it curls back on itself. I use a half pump of conditioner to keep it soft and tangle-free.

Soft Spot

Her soft spot isn’t as noticeable. It’s still there, but I have to really concentrate to find it.


I have to thoroughly detangle her hair every day by laying every strand completely flat with our detangling brush.

I switched to using the family brush, because the soft bristles from the baby brush weren’t strong enough to detangle her growing curls. Although our detangling brush has longer bristles made from plastic, her young scalp doesn’t mind the harder material.

After brushing, I rub a tiny amount of oil on her hair. Her coils dry within minutes, waving and kinking back up into the cutest frizz halo.


It is getting a little more difficult for her to stay still while I do her hair. She purposefully moves her head away from me when she feels me getting too close.

I do not force her to stay still, but her father is not impressed with our minimalistic routine.

Stay tuned for next months update, where I start sectioning and finger coiling her crown into the most adorable style.

Did you miss the earlier updates? Start here. Curious to find out when her texture changed? This post shows her hair in photos from newborn to 15 months. How’s your little one’s hair care routine?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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