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Our 11 Month Old's Hair Care Routine

She now has a frizz halo. Yup, at 11 month's her hair has grown long enough that it curls back on itself.

Here’s our routine...

11 month old baby in front of a hosta plant

We bathe together because essentially it’s the only time I can bathe.

This month I rarely used soap or oil. I just wet a washcloth to drench her hair and smooth it down.

I haven’t combed or brushed daily (although I should). Thankfully, her hair hasn't gotten tangled and still feels super soft.

Although it’s soft — it’s not shiny. But for our journey, I focus on how the hair feels as a sign of its health.

While most of her hair looks like a frizz halo, the middle section has tight coils.

Her hair is also long enough for me to run my fingers through, which I love and usually do when she is napping.

Our baby will be one soon. I started this series to show her hair changes month-by-month. I hope it’s been helpful.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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