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8 Kid-Friendly Hair Moments (in Recent YouTube History)

The following videos celebrate hair culture in colorful and kid-friendly ways. They include a wash day routine, a nighttime routine, a multi-year hair journey, and more!

1. Hair Love (Sony Pictures Animation)

Zuri and her cat (from the Hair Love animated short) sitting in front of a tablet reviewing hair videos

Source: Hair Love on YouTube

We love how Hair Love depicts a modern way of deciding on a style. Zuri the daughter of a natural hair artist and vlogger sits in front of her bathroom mirror, whips out her tablet, and (with the assistance of her cat) scrolls through her mom's hair videos. It takes a few tries before Zuri decides on the frohawk.

Before starting the tutorial, Zuri has a warm memory of her mom humming while gently doing the style on her hair. You'll hear Zuri's mom say "just took a little bit of work, and a whole lot of love." before ending their hair session with a kiss.

Do You Browse Hair Ideas Online?

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  • nope!

2. Lunella (Marvel and Disney)

Lunella's mom proudly reminds her of the Lunella wall of fame featuring Lunella's hair throughout the years

Source: Disney Channel on YouTube

13-year old Lunella thinks hair is not a big deal. Her mother says "to love your hair is to love yourself!" When Lunella says "it's just hair," her mom rushes her to the "Lunella Wall of Fame!" It's a hallway full of Lunella's hair styles at different ages. It starts with her curly fro stage as a baby, then moves to Lunella wearing twists in the first grade, braids in the fourth grade, and cornrows in the seventh grade.

Do You Track Your Child's Hair Journey?

  • of course!

  • not intentionally

3. The Reflection In Me (FableVision and Marcolagiovanni)

Screenshot of the opening scene from The Reflection in Me

Photo: The Reflection in Me by FableVision on YouTube

The Reflection in Me opens with a little girl frustrated with her hair. When she walks by an oval mirror, she sees a front facing curl in her reflection. The girl furrows her eyebrows and tries to swoop the loose curl behind her ear. But it bounces back in place. She then tries to blow it with her breath, but it again bounces to its preferred spot. The little girl hangs her head in defeat and walks away. Before the little girl can exit the screen, the reflection in the mirror says, "I like being you!"

Have You Complimented Yourself Today?

  • yes

  • not yet

4. Dee and Friends (Netflix Jr.)

Dee and her grandma hug after getting her hair done

Source: Dee and Friends in Oz on YouTube

In the first episode of Dee and Friends in Oz, Dee sits in between her grandmother's legs in the most adorable intergenerational hair time. Her grandmother is sitting next to a jar of hair cream while using a black wide tooth comb to put the finishing touches on Dee's hair. While Dee waits, she shares a story she is writing in her journal. Her grandmother actively listens to the story, asks Dee to hold still, and ends the hairdressing session with positive affirmations.

Are You Open To Grandparents Helping With Your Child's Hair?

  • Of course!

  • Nope!

  • It depends!

5. Hair Wash Day (Cocomelon)

Source: Cocomelon on YouTube

Cocomelon, a popular kids channel on YouTube, created a 3-minute song for Cody's Wash Day. The coily-haired character has a short dark-brown fro and seems to look forward to this part of his week. The song goes through the steps of Wash Day starting with shampoo, a head massage, a full rinse, conditioner, and setting a timer. After bath time, Cody's mom pulls out his styling tools. She even teaches Cody how to comb his hair and lets him do it himself. She applies an oil, massages it into Cody's hair, then uses a sponge brush to finish off the look. The video lyrically incorporates hair-related phrases like "my curls pop" and "detangling every strand."

Throughout the video Cody and his mom are also sharing kisses, singing, laughing, playing with bubbles, and dancing. Relatable scenes where Cody did not look like he was enjoying hair time was when his mom pulled out the shower head and comb.

Do You Have A Song For Hair Time?

  • yes!

  • not yet!

6. Super Bonnet (Disney Junior)

Taniya in bed wearing her pink and yellow bonnet

Source: Super Bonnet on YouTube

Rise Up, Rise Out has a scene celebrating night routines. It starts with four friends at a sleepover, when Amelia (their straight-haired friend) looks at their sleepwear and asks "what are those?" The three friends explain their favorite part of bedtime through a 1-minute song called, "Super Bonnet." Taniya wears a pink and yellow striped bonnet, So-Heyong has a blue and purple plaid bonnet, and Shawna has a yellow bonnet with pink polka dots. The scene features colorful bonnets of various sizes and even incorporates dancing afro picks. While you can find snippets of the video on YouTube, the full song is currently only available on Disney Junior.

Does Your Family Wear Bonnets?

  • yes

  • no

  • some of us do

7. I Love My Hair (Sesame Street)

Sesame Street Muppet Segi singing "I Love My Hair"

Source: Sesame Street on YouTube

“I Love My Hair” is a 2-minute song starring Segi, a muppet rocking a twa (teenie weenie afro). It was inspired by a dad who noticed his daughter wasn't proud of her hair.

The first lyric reads “don’t need a trip to the beauty shop, because I love what I got on top, it’s curly and it’s brown and it’s right up there.” We appreciate the song for opening with a young muppet embracing her hair exactly the way it is.

As the video progresses Segi shows off the many styles her fro can do— such as pigtails, cornrows, box braids, and twists.These styles include popular curly-hair accessories like a yellow barrette (which Segi calls a clippie), fabric bow, pink bobbles, a scrunchie, and colorful beads.

According to Segi, the point of the song is “to make the world aware I love my hair!!!” Other esteem-boosting lyrics include:

  • “There’s nothing else that can compare with my hair!” and

  • “My hair’s a part of me! An awesome part of me!”

Does Your Family Watch Sesame Street?

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  • no

8. Super Hairo (Super Sema)

Noah, Aziza and MB wearing their new hairstyles next to the Super Hairo

Source: Super Sema on YouTube

During the kids' bedtime routine, Noah struggles to remove an afro pick from his fade. Babu wonders if someone could invent a clever machine with a laundry list of tasks. The kids pretend to sleep but actually sneak to Super Sema's lab and get to work in building the "Super Hairo." It's a hair machine that painlessly combs, washes, and styles the hair to suit the wearer's personality. Noah's first and he gets a high-top fade that's half-blue and half-black with stair-shaped scissor work. Aziza gets a big fluffy fro with flowers, glitter, and butterflies scattered throughout. And MB gets a blonde faux hawk with a soccer ball design on the side using hair paint.

Does Your Child Love Creating At Night?

  • all the time!

  • I haven't noticed

That's it for our list!! It's pretty cool seeing hair stories being shared in thoughtful, creative, and entertaining ways!

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