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I Rank On Google For Baby Farts

With all the content I create, it’s cool to see what I’m digitally known for.

And according to Google Search Console (one of the tools I use to see what our readers love), Google has considered me a trustworthy expert in the complicated subject of baby farts.

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While I'm aware of SEO tips and tricks, I prefer to write lessons from the heart that I believe would be beneficial to other families. So I was pleasantly surprised that this was the topic that ranked on Google's first page.

As a hair enthusiast and mom of girls, I also noticed inquiries about baby hair changes, but no real answers or images. So I intentionally created a post about our daughters' hair texture changes and as a result, rank number one in Google's images. This question also sent me on a two-year-long project that I'm currently still working on documenting our youngest's hair journey.

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According to Wix Analytics, stretched nipples is another popular inquiry that directs users to our site.

And in regards to the most visited page on DommiesBlessed - it’s again hair related. This post brings us 100 plus inquiring minds a month.

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So thanks Kristen for asking about our daughter's hair routine and inspiring this post.

Have you checked out google search console? Is there a search inquiry that you rank for that makes you laugh? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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