4 Solutions to My Elongated Nipples

Nipples come in different colors, shapes and sizes - flat, inverted, or protruding. I always had protruding nipples, and breastfeeding caused them to elongate.

What Caused My Elongated Nipples?

While breastfeeding, the nipple is pulled from the front pallet (roof of the mouth) to the back pallet.

This video by the Global Health Media Project is a great depiction of what’s happening.

I’ve been breastfeeding for 7 years, so all that movement led to extremely stretched nipples.

Here are four solutions to some of the issues I face as a mom with long nipples...

1. Very Visible Through Clothing

Because they are so long, my nipples are very visible through my clothing. Even if I wear a sweatshirt (or any other thick fabric), my nipples can be seen.

Solution: wear a padded bra. Ruffles, decorative or dark tops may be better solutions for moms like me that prefer to be braless.

2. They Get Caught On Things

Because my children are always under me, sometimes my nipple gets caught under them.

It’s kind of hard to explain. I equate it to having long hair and having it get caught on things.

Solution: wear shirts that your breasts can’t fall out of (spaghetti strap shirts and crop tops are the biggest culprits).

3. They Brush Up On Things

My nipples are super sensitive and brush up on things which are especially painful during pregnancy.

Solution: avoid being topless, hugs, your husband and children -- just joking. It is important to be open with your loved ones about how sensitive your body is.

4. They Point In Different Directions, Including Downward

Because my nipples protrude and have free range, they often seem like they are all over the place.

Solution: nipples can always be adjusted. If you notice them wandering off, just lift them up and reposition them.

Are Elongated Nipples Permanent?

I don’t think so, but I’ll keep you updated.

Since I’ve been breastfeeding consecutively for years, my nipples have not had a break from the demands of breastfeeding, so they have remained in a somewhat elongated state.

However, I have asked other breastfeeding moms, who said their breasts returned to normal after weaning their children.

Are Your Nipples Unattractive?

I don’t think so - I’m still proud of them, because they look pretty healthy to me.

Do you have protruding nipples? What changes have you noticed on your breastfeeding journey? What solutions would you suggest to nipple problems?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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