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All About Baby Hair Changes

 Both of our girls were born with full heads of hair. At 2 and 5, their textures have slightly changed - but mostly stayed the same. Here's how...


1. Drier Strands


As babies, they both had soft, shiny, lusterous strands that needed minimal care. I literally rinsed with water and used oil to lock in the moisture. 


As they age, retaining moisture in their hair is becoming a problem. Our youngest has looser curls so her hair doesn’t get as dry.  Our five year old’s coils almost always needed help staying hydrated. We've tried so many products and techniques to make sure their strands stay hydrated.


Here's what's been working...


Finding the right products (I wouldn't try different hair products until at least 2 years old)


Protective styles in the winter


Daily hair routine during the warmer months


2. Hair Density


Their hair density is still the same. Our five year old always had sparse curls - so when she was younger and her hair was shorter, you could see her scalp. 


Our two year old, I could never see her scalp, because she has more total strands of hair on her head making her hair thicker. In other words, when I braid our toddler's hair, her braids are fatter than her older sister's who has less strands of hair.


Our girls were naturally born with different hair densities. Hair density is not a problem, unless it decreases over time. 


3. Strand Quality


Our five year old still has thin, whispy delicate strands like fine silk. Our youngest has strong, thick strands like heavy cotton. 


Knowing their strand quality has helped me figure out what will work and what won't work in their hair. 


4. Hair Color


I know some babies hair darkens or lightens as they age. From what I can tell, their hair color has stayed the same.


5. Tighter Coils


Immediately after birth it looked like their hair was slicked to their heads probably due to living in fluid for their first months of life. Within the next two weeks, their hair began to wave, coil and show signs of their true texture.


I remember hearing, "your baby's texture will change." I would say it slightly changes two weeks after birth - and after that it stays pretty consistent. I highly recommend getting to know your baby’s hair as soon as possible, so as it grows you become an expert in caring for their strands.


Until next time…


Peace & Love



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