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15 Health Triggers For A Breastfeeding-Friendly Home

Health triggers are intentional cues that support your health goals. Here are mine...

1. Natural Light

One of the first things I do every morning is fully open our blinds to welcome the Sun.

2. Rainbow Fridge

We keep our fruits and veggies organized by color and visibly stored on the shelves, so that when we open the door, we mainly see and have quick access to life foods.

3. Loose Leaf Tea

I have a cabinet full of dried herbs. Loose leaf teas are the perfect healing remedy and low-calorie nourishment for nursing mothers.

4. Large Recycling Bin

As Mother Nature lovers, we take recycling so seriously that our recycling bin is significantly larger than our trash can. It reminds us that when we passionately care for our Universe, we are ultimately taking care of ourselves.

5. Compost Bin

Our girls waste a ton of food. This is partly due to me learning how to cook, cooking too much and/or giving them too much. Nevertheless, composting makes me feel so much better about half-eaten apples or leftovers that have gone bad. I'm also super grateful that our kids are learning about ways to be gentle to the planet.

6. Cast Iron Pans

This cookware has been used in our family for generations. Cast iron pans absorb fire, naturally boost iron levels, and make food smell and taste amazing.

7. Soup Pots

To successfully run a lactating body we need highly nutritious wet foods. I use these to make stews and soups.

8. Blender

This handy gadget pulverizes frozen fruits, oats, prunes and nuts into a hearty smoothie that me and the girls love.

9. Water Bubbler

It’s a trusted source of filtered water to keep our family hydrated.

10. Maternity Pillow

Most of my health triggers are in our kitchen, but this one is in my bedroom. I have minimal bedding topped with a pregnancy pillow, because as a cuddler, this pillow’s swaddle makes me feel secure and well-rested.

11. Tie-On Waist Beads

As one of the only pieces of jewelry I wear, I purposely adorn my waist and womb with these glass beads. It’s how I honor and show appreciation to my full shape, health, strength and ability to create life.

12. Me Pre-Children

I have a framed picture of my younger self intentionally placed in a high-traffic area of our home. When I look into her eyes, I want to make sure I‘m living a life that she would be extremely proud of.

13. Purpose-Driven Lists

I use a white board to write my daily tasks and inspirational quotes. As I reread them throughout the day, they clarify our family’s direction and keep me mentally focused on our mission.

14. Minimalistic Space

Since our physical space is a manifestation of our mental one, I try to keep our home (with multiple children) as decluttered as possible. Everything has a designated spot, and when there is no more room, it’s time to donate.

15. Uplifting Music

Intentional lyrics and sounds keep me mentally healthy. Dancing to rhythmic mantras speak to my heart, guide my spirit and keep us active.

A young girl with pig tails digging a hole in beach sand

I wholeheartedly believe we are what we consume. So when we intentionally craft our space (incorporating very specific smells, words, sounds, images, and more) it makes consuming the things that build us up that much easier.

I hope my list inspires you to think about the health triggers you place in your home. Please take your time in hand-picking items and energies that you absolutely love, that compliment your lifestyle, and that make healthy decision-making more habitual for you.

Until next time…

Love The Journey,

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