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26 Powerful Truths That Helped Me Breastfeed Confidently

1. Breast milk is a living fluid that can not be replicated.

2. Night milk (different from day milk) provides another set of essential hormones for baby.

3. Glands in the areola create an irresistible scent that baby loves.

4. Breasts were created to breastfeed. So when - you use them for what they were created for you are keeping them healthy.

5. Baby teeth are also called milk teeth.

6. Nipples are also gentle on baby's gums while teething.

7. Feeding at the breast ensures that baby's mouth and teeth form a natural arch.

8. Human milk is the complete source of nutrients for all human infants. It’s baby’s first food and nothing can come even close.

9. Breast milk is a natural medicine with no side effects.

10. Our body produces on-demand refills.

11. Active breast tissue is heavier than inactive breast tissue. So don’t worry about weight gain, instead focus on health and nutrition while breastfeeding.

12. Breasts are located in front of the heart chakra. Which means every time baby feeds you are literally pouring love from your heart.

13. Regular touch is the difference between living and thriving. Every time we hold our babies to nurse is another chance for them to thrive.

14. Your body wants to give baby the best, so it literally takes the best from you.

15. Breast milk contains fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water.

13 Powerful Truths That Helped Me Breastfeed Confidently

16. The taste of breast milk allegedly changes depending on what mom eats.

17. Baby's saliva communicates with our milk ducts to tell mom's body exactly what hormones, minerals, vitamins, fats, etc baby needs.

18. Breast milk changes by the hour, day, weeks and months. There are different components as baby's needs change.

19. Breastfed babies are largely protected because the breast milk is specific to the baby, mother and the family's environment.

20. Breast milk is specific to the human species. Meaning, it is the optimal source of nutrition for our rapidly growing and developing babies.

21. The breast milk components of a one month old is different from the breast milk of a toddler.

22. The limited, but nutrient-dense colostrum is perfect for baby's small stomach.

23. The breast milk for premie babies has more fat in order to help the baby grow faster.

24. The bacteria in colostrum lines the baby's gut. And our immunities are largely built on a healthy gut lining.

25. Continuing to nurse through the night can help a womyn's milk supply.

26. Postpartum ends when our child is fully weaned.

That's it!

What are some things you've learned that helped you breastfeed confidently?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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