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5 Myths About Breastfed Children Clarified

Here are some myths I’ve debunked after nursing two children ...

1. Babies Lose Weight After Birth

Nope — I birthed two girls and neither of them dropped weight on breastmilk after being born.

2. They Won’t Stop Nursing

While I have read stories of teenagers breastfeeding, I stopped nursing around 3 and am still nursing our 4 year old.

However, I would like to mention that athletes and ill adults have been known to purchase breastmilk for their health. Of course they are not getting it directly from the breast, but it shows that breast milk definitely continues to have nutritional value past childhood.

5 Myths About Breastfed Children Clarified

3. They Don’t Have Allergies

My babies are super strong, but I noticed our family health issues did show up in them. For example, our youngest is allergic to penicillin and our oldest daughter has skin sensitivities.

4. They Are Super Dependent

Besides breastmilk being amazingly delicious, it also touches every system in the children's body.

Children are ultimately dependent on their mothers until they wean, because the breast is their food and life source.

So I have noticed my children staying close to me during the breastfeeding years.

After they finish nursing, they definitely have a strong bond with me, but aren’t as attached.

5. They Don’t Know How To Self-Soothe

I view breastfeeding as teaching a child to self soothe.

Deep breathing is one of the most basic and natural ways to regulate your internal systems to calm yourself down.

In attaching to me while breastfeeding they are literally learning how to do just that.

6. They Eat A Wide Variety Of Foods

Our first girl is definitely more adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. While our youngest is pretty picky. She only wants the highest quality foods prepared and delivered in the comfort of her own home.

What myths have you heard about breastfed children? Feel free to share.

Until next time.

Love Thyself,


Breastfeeding Over The Years

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