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How Breastfeeding Introduced Me To Slow Living

I used to boast about moving fast. My resume used phrases like, “fast-paced” and “quickest time.” In fact, beating the clock served me well in my youth as I worked multiple jobs and passed standardized tests.

After having children, I tried quickly getting dressed, shoving food down my throat and changing diapers as fast as possible, but always hurrying was not sustainable for us as a unit.

There’s something magical about the natural rhythm of breastfeeding. Honoring our internal clocks (both theirs and mine) revealed a brilliant life lesson to me which was to slow down. In fact, the more children I have the slower I move, because rushing our babies while they enjoyed suckling at the breast, only made us all frustrated.

Breastfeeding, all of our children (especially in the first year) had periods of quick snacking as well as periods of leisurely pacifying on the breast for hours at a time.

And while I was initially frustrated with their slowness, I’m happy that I honored that time and respected their pace.

This slowness has translated into other areas of my life.

I’m known for spending an hour (or more) in the bathroom, bathing and pampering myself.

I now allow my tea to steep and slowly sip it throughout the day.

I also marinate my meats and take my time when cooking.

I’ve also allowed our girls to learn at their own pace through homeschooling.

While slow living has become a recent American trend, it‘s a way I’ve personally chosen to honor our inner worlds.

Has breastfeeding influenced your family’s pace? Which ways have you slowed down?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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