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7 Benefits Of Wrapping Our Breastfed Child

7 Benefits Of Wrapping A Breastfed Child

I've fallen in love with baby wearing because everyone's needs (including my own) are met. Here are seven things that immediately happen when I wrap our three year old.

1. She Feels Secure

Breastfed children are used to being attached.

Think about it.

A baby goes from being in the womb and attached via the umbilical cord - where they recieve everything they need to prepare for the outside world.

When they come into the world, they then attach to the mother's breast for continued nutritional, emotional, physical, cognitive, psychological, physiological, and social support (the list goes on).

The next step naturally seems to be to transition from the breast to simply being close to the mother's skin.

I'm not a scientist or anything. This is simply my personal experience and maternal instinct talking.

It’s funny how comforting it is having a child cuddled on your body. I know she feels secure because her mood brightens.

And honestly -- so does mine.

2. She Falls Asleep

Because of her new found security, she feels at peace and comfortable to sleep.

So she typically takes a nap on my back.

This is the best sleep she gets as when she sleeps anywhere else, she usually wakes prematurely and needs to be nursed back to sleep.

3. She Calms Down

My children either do not like to confess that they are sleepy, or maybe they really do not know they are tired.

Our three year old becomes aggressive and usually starts to cry. She immediately calms down, when I tie her to me.

I'm not sure if it's my body scent, my squishy back or how my hips rock. Or maybe it's the being bundled up that resembles the womb for our daughter. Whatever it is -- it works like magic every time.

4. Heart Beat Slows

Her heart pounds super fast, especially compared to mine.

When she is wrapped, it’s like her body tries to sync with mine and I can literally feel her heart beat slow down.

5. Her Breathing Slows

Similar to her heart, I can literally feel her breaths match my breathing.

6. Our Bodies Create Heat

Boy does her body get hot. But it doesn’t seem to bother her. In the winter, I can see how this heat is comforting. In the summer, it feels like I have a hot pad on my back, but surprisingly I do not sweat.

If we get too hot, I usually transfer her to a chair, bed, stroller or whatever we are around and pray she does not wake.

Most of the time it works.

7. I Feel Super Proud Of My Mothering

Managing two small children especially with an age gap of three years can be challenging.

I struggle with meeting both of their needs.

Our three year old still naps, and our six year old wants my full attention.

When our three year old is attached, I can continue running around with our six year old at the playground. Anytime I am able to meet both of their needs and know that they are both satisfied -- it feels great.

Have you noticed any benefits of wrapping your breastfed child?

Not sure how to wrap? I created a playlist of videos showing how we wrap our daughter with a beach towel ...

a blanket...

and fabric.

Until next time. Know thyself.

Peace & Love


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