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12 Acts Of Love I Do While Breastfeeding

12 Acts Of Love I Do While Breastfeeding | DommiesBlessed

Breastfeeding is an act of love. We are literally pouring into our children physically, physiologically, emotionally, cognitively, spiritually (the list goes on). Here are 12 expressions of love I do while breastfeeding.

1. Groom Child

There have been many times, I did her hair, filed her nails, and dressed her while she nurses. She’s already right there. Why not?

2. Read To Her

Sometimes we read bedtime stories together. Or I read my books to her.

3. Zone Out

With so much on my mind, breastfeeding is the perfect time to stop, slow down and just zone out. By me intentionally relaxing, she is not consuming stress hormones.

4. Make Eye-Contact

As we physically connect, I stare into her eyes to allow our souls to connect. To let her know that she has my attention and I see her.

5. Massage Her Temples

Especially if she has a runny nose, I massage her temples to ensure the phlegm doesn’t get stuck in her ear ways. This prevents ear infections and is just another nurturing touch to keep my baby healthy and happy.

6. Rub Her Hairline

My mother used to gently stroke my hairline when I was younger. I loved laying in her lap while she did this, and so I passed it on to my children.

7. Talk To Her

Yes, sometimes we have conversations (even with a breast in her mouth). Of course when she was younger, I would speak to her and she would respond with a smile or just stare into my eyes inquisitively. Now that she is three, we can hold a conversation.

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8. Sing To Her

Our girls love the sound of Mommy's voice - I think it adds to the whole breastfeeding experience.

9. Sleep With Her

If she is sleeping — so do I. This act of love restores both of our bodies.

10. Walk With Her

Yup I’ve been on some walks while nursing. She was in a wrap of course. Or sometimes she would be hanging off the side of the stroller. Just the security of knowing I will comfort her any and everywhere is an expression of my love to her.

11. Continue Whatever I Am Doing

Sometimes she wants to nurse while I am trying to get things done. For example, if she is sick and wants to nurse non-stop, but I have to cook. In these moments, I end-up choosing our survival and self-love.

12. Drink Water

I often forget to drink water. I am sometimes reminded to take sips when she is literally drawing the last water from me. Drinking water immediately replenishes my milk supply and is a way I show love to her body and my own.

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Until next time.

Peace & Love,


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