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10 Things I Noticed About My Milk Supply

All our milk supplies are different, but we each have exactly what our babies need. Over my five years of nursing, here are a few things I noticed about my milk supply.

1. It’s Valuable

When I first started nursing, I had no idea about the demand for breastmilk online. Buyers range from mothers who are unable to produce milk to athletes who want a nutritious snack for better performance. I looked into selling my milk to help out others, but I never had an ample supply.

10 Things I Noticed About My Milk Supply | DommiesBlessed

2. Low Supply

Both of our girls were strictly breast fed (no formula), so the demand for milk was always high. In fact, when my milk first came in I went from a C cup bra to an E cup. Nevertheless, once I went to back to work (when baby was three months) and started using a pump, my milk supply greatly decreased and never returned. I never pumped more than 7 ounces total. Even after our second daughter was born, my milk supply remained low.

3. Significance Of Water

It was definitely difficult to eat with our newborns (because there is always something to do and no time to fix a proper meal). I’ve heard of teas and other supplements that increase milk production, but I have never tried them. I did notice the more water I drank, the more milk I had. Now that the girls are older, I still have to remind myself to drink plenty of water to replenish my milk supply.

4. Less Milk From One Side

I did not notice my children favoring one breast over the other, but one side definitely has more milk. When this happens, sometimes one breast grows larger than the other. Oddly, my breast seem to be the same size.

5. Needs Pumping

Because my supply is so low, our two year old pumps the breast with her hands, or tries to let down more milk by sucking from one breast and switching to the other. It is a little hard to explain if you have not experienced it. Basically, she switches back-and-forth between breasts hoping the pressure will let down more milk.

6. More Intense Suckle Brings More Milk

There are bottle nipples that graduate from one hole to about five holes. I didn’t realize this design replicated our human nipples. The newborn suckle is lighter, so there is only one flow of milk. Now that my daughter is two, her powerful jaws pull creating a spray of milk from my nipples.

10 Things I Noticed About My Milk Supply | DommiesBlessed

7. Always Sweet

No matter what I eat, my milk is always sweet.

8. Always Warm

It is also the perfect temperature every time.

9. It’s Unique To My Children

Yes, my body knows exactly what my children need and provides them with it through the milk I make.

10. Baby’s Preferred Drink

When I tried to wean and transitioned the girls to other milks, they often resisted. They will drink almond milk (because it is sweet), but they still prefer breastmilk.

How would you describe your milk supply? Let us know below.

Until next time...

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