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What Is A Baby Bonnet? And Does Your Baby Need One?

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Baby bonnets are a form of sleepwear sized for babies. They’re typically made from silk, satin, or another lightweight and breathable material. They feature a thick stretchy band, so that the bonnet can securely wrap around baby's head. And the body of the bonnet slightly hovers, instead of smushing the hair flat. Many families have been flocking to baby bonnets to protect their baby’s curls and to prevent infant hair loss. Below we outline the pros and cons.


  • Preserves curls

  • Minimizes dryness

  • Minimizes friction

  • Minimizes tangles

  • Quicker morning routine


  • Can be too big (slides down or off)

  • Can be too small (leaves indent)

  • Can cover baby’s face while sleeping

  • Can be uncomfortable (even with perfect fit)

  • Be mindful of overheating (make sure baby isn't red or excessively sweating)

When Can A Baby Wear A Baby Bonnet?

Baby bonnets are designed for ages 0 to 36 months.

How Small Are Baby Bonnets?


Size (inches)

0-12 months

~13" - 15"

12-36 months

~15.5" - 18.5"

For comparison, an adult bonnet typically measures between 20" - 22".

Are Baby Bonnets Safe For Newborns?

A baby bonnet is meant to function like any other headgear for babies. The main difference is they are designed as sleepwear — a time when parents may be sleeping too. As a result many baby bonnets will come with a warning to only use under adult supervision (for example, for a day nap while the parent is awake).

Since some bonnets may be baggy, or come with strings or ties, this can create a major safety concern especially for babies with limited mobility. Whichever bonnet you choose, make sure it’s a comfortable and secure fit for your little one (with no hanging pieces).

Do Baby Bonnets Help With Infant Hair Loss?

It depends on the cause of the hair loss. Please know that baby balding can naturally occur in the first year. Your baby's hair should naturally grow back within a few months without needing any special products.

Can Baby Bonnets Be Worn Outside?

Because of the fabric choice, baby bonnets are made for indoor use. There are satin-lined caps and hats for babies if you want curl-friendly headgear for colder weather.

In conclusion, baby bonnets can totally help keep your baby’s curls fresh. It’s a personal decision if you want to incorporate one into your baby’s hair routine.

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