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7 Types Of Toddler Fros

AI image of a toddler wearing an afro surrounded by flowers

An afro is a collection of overlapping curls, coils, and frizz. Toddlers have the most adorable afros that naturally come in a wide range of lengths and textures.

What Are The Different Types of Afros?

  • Picked Fro - An afro that has been picked out from root to end

  • Tapered Fro - an afro that is heavy on top and short on the sides

  • Afro puffs - the afro separated into sections

  • Teenie Weenie Afro (TWA) - a short or compact afro

  • Sponged Fro - an afro styled with a sponge brush

  • Curly Fro - a fro with big curls instead of coils

  • Rainbow Fro - a fro that arches into a rainbow shape (meaning it goes up and hangs down)

How Does A Toddler Fro Feel?

Amazing! A well hydrated afro no matter the texture feels incredibly soft. Please know a curly fro feels different from a coily fro, which feels different from a picked out fro — but they all can feel heavenly. You’ll want to get to your know your toddler’s unique feel.

How Long Does A Soft Fro Last?

It depends on the texture and process for maintaining the curls. Since we use very little product on our kids’ hair, our curly fros last a day. This means they have to be fully saturated with water, cleansed, and conditioned to revive the curls' softness. Coily fros can last 5 to 14 days (in our experience) and still maintain a gorgeous coil and incredible softness. 

Are Afros Hot for Kids?

The afro is quite cool, because it naturally shades the scalp. It’s commonly compared to a tree canopy that keeps the forest floor cool. The only time the afro gets hot is if hair is touching the face, neck, back or shoulders. You can use headbands or gentle elastics to slightly lift your child’s hair off of their skin. Or you can regularly trim the hair to keep their fro short. 

While the afro can keep the head cool in the summer, it also does an amazing job of keeping the head warm in the winter.

How To Care For A Toddler's Afro?

It really depends on the desired look. A manicured fro may require washing, detangling, and daily styling. As a child ages, they may not like this amount of manipulation or the time the entire process takes. In our home, we preferred the free-spirited look. This meant that we kept the scalp clean and let our children's hair roam free.

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