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4 Baby Combs (+ How To Use Them)

Baby combs can be super useful tools when it comes to the health and maintenance of your little one’s hair. Below we describe four types of baby combs to choose from.

  • Traditional combs have medium to fine teeth and an extended handle. The fine teeth help smooth the hair and reveal its natural shine. While the wider teeth are designed for longer hair with bigger curls.

  • Handle-less combs are held by cupping the hand.

  • Dual density combs have fine teeth on the top and medium teeth on the bottom.

  • Double-sided combs have teeth on both sides (and no handle). The absence of a smooth side can make the comb get caught in baby's curls.

When Can You Comb Baby’s Hair?

You can start combing baby's hair following their first bath. It’s best to comb damp hair, because it makes it easier for the comb to glide through the hair without snagging or getting tangled. Regularly combing baby hair also helps to remove any lint that may get trapped.

How To Comb Baby’s Hair?

Comb in the direction the hair is growing. For example, if the front hair naturally falls towards baby’s forehead, you’ll want to comb their hair that way. If the hair naturally falls towards their ears, you can comb that section of the hair that way. It's totally natural for different areas of baby's hair to fall in multiple directions. Just follow their natural pattern.

If baby has short hair, you can comb starting from the root to the ends. If they have long hair, switching to a detangling brush may be better.

Can You Use a Baby Comb For Cradle Cap?

Yes. Just remember when peeling cradle cap, you should only remove flakes that are ready to fall out. Scraping flakes that are firmly attached can cause the baby’s scalp to get red, raw, and irritated. While cradle cap can look disturbing, it typically doesn’t bother baby and should be given time to naturally come loose.

You’ll want to avoid digging or scraping the scalp. Instead, use the comb to lightly lift the flakes.

Do You Need A Baby Comb?

You do not need a baby comb per se. If you already have a fine-tooth comb at home, you can totally use that!

The benefit of using a baby comb is that you’ll have a designated comb for your little one. This way family members are not sharing or spreading hair issues. 

Baby combs also have rounded teeth, so that combing is safer, more gentle, and won’t scratch their delicate scalps.

Finally, baby combs are intentionally lightweight and smaller. As your little one grows, they may naturally reach for the comb and want to practice combing their hair themselves. Baby combs are perfectly sized to fit in their tiny hands, so that they can get a secure grip.

If you’re shopping for your mini-me, you’ll want to choose a comb that’s best for their hair type. You'll also want to choose a comb and material you can comfortably hold so that hair time is relaxing for the both of you. This comb comes from a well-loved brand that focuses on safety. If you prefer an eco-friendly option, our readers love this brand. 

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