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Pros + Cons Of The LadyBug (Explained)

The Ladybug Milk Collector is a modern solution to leaking breasts. It's a wearable shell that collects overflow. It's part of the haakaa family, a brand known for being eco-friendly and having excellent customer service. We describe the pros and cons of the Ladybug below, so that you can determine if this milk catcher is right for you.

Lady Bug Milk Collector surrounded by flowers


  • silent

  • soft

  • light weight

  • comfortable (especially for sore nipples and/or engorged breasts)

  • protects sensitive nipples

  • catches leaking milk while nursing

  • easy to empty

  • doesn't spill on flat surfaces

  • doesn't spill when mom bends over

  • plenty of room for most nipple sizes

  • BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free

  • easy to clean

  • best for around the house and overnight wear

  • entire product is made out of silicone so there are no hard parts

  • excellent for overproducers who leak through clothes or quickly go through pads

  • excellent for underproducers who do not want to lose a drop

  • size is based on milk quantity, not breast size


  • too big for smaller breasts (cup A + smaller)

  • not strong enough for larger breasts (cup C + bigger)

  • loses suction quickly and moves around

  • may need a bigger bra to discretely hide them (go up a cup size)

  • uncomfortable to wear/sleep in

  • uncomfortable for nipples and areola (especially after extended use)

  • super noticeable and does not compliment the natural shape of the breast

  • lopsided look if you choose to wear one (instead of two)

  • can smell (even if cleaned after each use)

  • may cause bacteria growth due to condensation from all day use

  • can take a long time to dry (over 24 hours)

  • nipple hole is a thinner silicone and can get bent out of shape

How Much Does The Ladybug Collect?

Moms have reported collecting between 1-4 ounces.

How Often Should You Empty The Ladybug?

Every 2-4 hours (if you want to save the milk). If you hope to wear the collectors overnight, make sure to get a size that can hold the amount of milk you may leak while you sleep. There are 3 different sizes ...

  • 40ml/1.4oz

  • 75ml/2.6oz

  • 150ml/5.3oz

How Often Should You Clean The Ladybug?

After each use.

How Do You Clean The Ladybug?

Boil for 2-3 minutes or use a sterilization system.

Which Type Of Bra is Best for the Ladybug?

Loose fitting bras that allow enough room for a little bulk. Nursing tank tops or shelf bras are great too. Whichever bra you choose, try to make sure it can hold the catchers in place, because they can move around.

What Are The Best Times to Wear The Ladybug

  • During the first few weeks after birth when milk frequently leaks

  • When nursing or pumping the other breast may leak

  • When sleeping because the pressure from laying on the chest can cause leakage

  • After warm showers when some moms leak

Can The Ladybug Replace Breast Pads?

It's totally up to the mom and her needs. Breast pads soak up excess milk so that mom does not leak through her clothes or on bed sheets. Using a Ladybug can help mom save that milk. However, breast pads are considerably thinner than milk catchers. So the Ladybug can be great for leakage while breastfeeding, and the breast pads can be great for leakage outside of the house.

Can You Feel The Suction?

The suction is designed to be super light and some moms can not feel it.

If you want to try the Ladybug, haakaa sells a bundle that includes their manual pump.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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