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Which Bra Does A Breast Health Enthusiast Wear?

A bamboo one. Here’s why...

Nude 4 and Nude 6 colored bamboo boody bra review

1. Aesthetic Reasons

With breasts that naturally sit on my waist, I wanted a slight lift to elongate my torso.

2. Easy Access

I’ve tried nursing bras and found the padding as well as the clicking and unclicking annoying. The plunge cup in this bralette, as well as the super thin fabric and 4-way-stretch makes it easy for my breasts to pop in and out during frequent feeds. So although it's not technically a maternity bra, for me, it functions as one.

3. Minimalistic

It’s perfect for day and night nursing, so I don’t have to buy different products for different occasions.

Wearing a loose fitting bra at night (especially when nursing a newborn) provides a seat for reusable breast pads. These absorbent circles prevented me from waking up in a milk puddle.

As the baby aged and perfected their fine motor skills on my nipples, I also depended on my bra as a barrier limiting access to the other breast when she fed.

4. Thin, Soft & Breathable

I really depend on breathable fabrics to support my ever changing body temp (when nursing). I occasionally experience armpit and underboob sweat, so I love natural fibers that allow my bod to do it’s thing.

5. Allegedly Eco-Friendly

Bamboo is a fast growing grass that’s strong and self-regenerating, but the processing of turning it into a wearable fabric (viscose) is not chemical-free.

While I do believe it’s gentler on our environment than other synthetic materials, It’s definitely not as gentle on our planet as cotton.

I’ve been eyeing Nubian Skin's cotton version of this bra for some time, but haven’t purchased it yet. If you’ve tried it, let me know your thoughts below.

Nevertheless, I wanted to give bamboo a try, because it’s allegedly more abundant with less water and grows faster with less resources.

6. Supports Natural Shape

While going braless can be the healthiest option for lactating mothers, I love that this bralette grows with me.

Wombmen’s bosoms allegedly change 7 times in their lifetime and I’m sure 50% is during our lactating years.

A more form fitting bra will definitely give you a fuller bust and a lush cleavage, but during your lactating years, the breasts really need tons of freedom, mobility and sag.

7. Compliments Beauty Bone

Because it’s nude colored, it really compliments my clavicles. Similar to shopping for foundation, if you’re between colors, pick the darker shade. I wear Nude 4.

8. Has Matching Panties

Lastly, this bralette with the matching high-waisted undies make for a super cayoot and comfy maternity set.

How Do You Care For A Bamboo Bra?

As a lactating wombman you will want to wash your bra after every wear.

The instructions say to...

How Do You Get Rid Of The Pilling?

Pilling is the little white balls that appear on clothes. Hand washing is the best way to minimize pilling. But if you prefer to use the machine, use a small dull razor to trim away any fuzz. Get comfortable and take your time so you do not cut the fabric. Then use a lint roller (or heavy-duty tape) to remove the shavings.

I found this bra to be the healthiest and most low-maintenance choice for my personal journey. Here's my complete list of postpartum clothes for minimalists (if you're interested).

What’s been your go-to bra? What makes it the healthiest option for you?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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