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How Does Breastfeeding Support The Mother's Health?

This interview was super informative (and hilarious). Start at 7:30 for breastfeeding benefits.'s part two (start at 6:20)...

These are the key points from Master Mantak...

  • Nipples are connected to the uterus (womb).

  • The womb is connected to the brain.

  • Womb orgasms are essential to the wombmen’s overall health, yet 85% of wombmen never experience them.

On my personal journey, I never thought I’d experienced a uterine orgasm while nursing, because I always equated orgasms to erotic pleasure.

Master Mantak describes the “uterine orgasm” as contractions, a form of exercise that promotes blood flow. Furthermore, orgasms are medically defined as a muscle’s process of becoming smaller accompanied by the sudden release of endorphins.

Taking all of that into consideration, I guess I have experienced my womb’s connection to my nipples. After our daughter’s birth, every time she nursed the uterus deeply contracted moving back to its original position. And while the release of endorphins are supposed to evoke a positive feeling, this process wasn’t pleasurable at all. It hurt like heck. It hurt so much, I could only nurse her in small spurts hours after she was born. Despite the discomfort, I knew it was a part of my body’s healing process.

Nowadays when I nurse, it definitely doesn’t hurt. And I definitely do not feel womb contractions. I guess my endorphins (aka natural pain relievers) have started to kick in.

But it makes perfect sense that our external world connects to our internal one. How else would we maintain the health of our womb, except by these cute little controllers on the outside (our nipples)?

Mamatoto (the Swahili word for mother-child) is what western-medicine calls the mother-child dyad. It reveals how breastfeeding isn’t just tremendously beneficial to the child, but also to the mother.

I knew nipple twindling (when the baby plays, pinches and squeezes the heck out of our nipples) had a greater purpose. I thought it was just for babies' fine motor skills. But it sounds like it too contributes to the holistic health of our womb.

Master Mantak dives deeper into wombmen’s health explaining how to incorporate breast massage and the significance of a baby’s suckle to support the mother’s holistic health.

As a culture, we haven’t been honoring this female organ, which has probably led to the rise in cervical and breast cancer. From using mechanical pumps, instead of allowing our babies to attach to the breast. As well as popular drugs like the pill and other birth control methods that are used to suppress our menses, which is the womb’s natural cleansing process. To hysterectomies, abortions, wreckless and non-consensual sex, cutting the womb through c-sections, and applying chemicals to our crowns which leads to uterine fibroids.

The medical industry doesn’t make it any better. I recently got a newsletter on breast health, but it essentially was selling me on mammogram technology.

What about strategies to prevent sick breasts?

To me, a wombman is someone who honors their womb, hence the word “womb” in wombman.

It’s a sacred space where life begins, is nurtured and delivered into this world - It’s our power house.

I too am on a journey to heal my womb. So I was elated to find Jazz, and her prayer for womb healing.

What steps have you been taking to heal your womb? What are your thoughts on Master Mantak’s teachings? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

A mother laying on her back in the grass

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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