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Our 6 Month Old's Hair Care Routine

She has officially outgrown the sink and graduated to the tub.

Here’s our 6 month old's haircare routine.


I sit on the side of the tub, while she plays with her book, toys and the dripping water from the faucet. Most of the time, she's with her older sisters, but sometimes, she sits by herself while I fill the tub with very little warm water.

Washing her hair is the same. I use bar soap and a wash cloth.

To avoid getting soap in her eyes, I use minimal suds and mainly water.

She loves bath time and doesn't mind me getting water in her face.


We still use olive oil (and no other product) in her hair.

I'm assuming the oil is what attracts the lint. She does not get a lot of lint in her hair. Usually only one piece at the nape of her neck where her hair is long enough to be exposed to the elements.

And when it happens -- it's hard to get out.

Which is why using a fine tooth comb is an essential part of her hair routine. I use the comb to detangle her strands and the baby brush to massage her scalp.

Her Scalp

I was still peeling what I thought was cradle cap. There's a dime sized part of her scalp with flakes. It feels dry, stiff and flaky, while the rest of her scalp feels soft and squishy.

Upon closer examination, I realized she may have a bigger scalp problem.

During her 6 month doctor's appointment, I asked her pediatrician about this raised, red ring in her head that resembles ring worm.

Her doctor took a culture with a cotton swab and sent it to the lab. It came back negative for ringworm, and the pediatrician suspects it is dry scalp. She recommended I continue to treat it with oil and use steroids if needed.

Of course, I will not be putting steroids on our 6 month old's head.

She scratched the spot on two occasions until it bled, which scared me.

The spot resembles the same reactions me and our 7 year old use to get when we were allergic to a product. So I will stick to one kind of soap, daily baths and see if it helps her heal.

Bald Spot

It's grown to quarter-size spot in the middle of her head. It feels waxy/rubbery versus soft like rest of her scalp that's covered with hair.


Her different textures are still noticeable. The nape of her neck has the straightest hair. Towards the middle is the kinkiest and the front is wavy.

Soft Spot

I can still feel the soft spot at the top of her head. The fact that her scalp is still open, reminds me that I too am healing.

What baby hair changes is your 6 month old going through? How are you treating them?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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