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Our 4 Month Old’s Hair Care Routine

She’s gaining growth and slightly balding at the same time.

Here’s our 4 month old’s hair care routine...

4 month old african american baby with small bald spot at the back of her head

Cradle Cap

Her cradle cap looks slightly different this month. The scales are more opaque instead of a flaky white. However, I use the same treatment - saturating her hair in olive oil and peeling it off slowly.

Bald Spot

She has a quarter-size bald spot at the crown of her head. I have not noticed any shed hair and honestly, do not remember my other girls losing hair in infancy. But, I know it’s pretty common and so I’ve been keeping her strands oiled.

Hair Tools

Our 7 year old bought a baby brush and comb. I find the rat tail comb continues to do the best at detangling and distributing the oils in her hair.

But, I do use the baby brush to massage her scalp because it’s super soft and I’m obsessed with how therapeutic brushing her hair is for me (especially since she sits still).

Hair Washing

I’ve slowed down on the bathing. Meaning, I bathe her once a day, but sometimes we skip her night bath.

Each time I wash her, I also wash her hair. I use bar soap to create sudsy water and use a washcloth to wet her hair. After she is fully washed, I refill the sink just water to rinse the soap off her skin and hair.

I’m always mindful not to get soap in her eyes because I use regular bar soap. I just feel bars are less drying than liquid soap.

Texture Observation

Her hair definitely benefits from daily hydration (water). Which may be because her hair is short and I’m unable to do protective styling at this time.

I remember when I wore my twa (teeny weeny afro), I too had to saturate my hair with water every day.

I predict she will have the same texture as me and her eldest sister.


Her hair lays flat with oil and coils up when wet.

That’s it. I’ll be back with next month's hair update.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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