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Our 5 Month Old’s Hair Care Routine

She's balding.

Here’s our 5 month old’s hair routine.

Losing Hair

Our daughter attaches to the breast to sleep. So she basically sleeps on her side all night.

Nevertheless, her bald spot is in the middle of her head and I can not tell if it is getting bigger. When I comb her hair, it hides it a little.

Allegedly post-partum shedding (for me and her) occurs due to hormonal changes after birth. My cousin (who's a professional hair stylist) says it's due to nutritional deficiencies.

I'm working hard to cook daily, eat more salads and drink more teas in order to replenish my nutrient stores.


I've definitely relaxed more this month than previous months. Meaning, I only bathed her (including doing her hair) once a day.

Hair Tools

I’m still loving oil, our rat tail comb and a soft baby brush to maintain and style her hair.

Overall, her hair is noticeably growing.

Is your 5 month old losing hair? What remedies are you using?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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