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Our 3 Month Old’s Hair Care Routine

She’s growing fast, but she still fits perfectly in our bathroom sink. At three months, this is her hair routine...

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We still bathe her twice a day. This month, I introduced bar soap in her bath because it tends to be less drying than liquid.

I dilute the soap, by lathering it directly in the water - basically creating a bubble bath using bar soap.

Then we use a washcloth to gently rub the soapy water into her hair and scalp.

It’s not enough to lather in her hair, but the soap is visible, so I do rinse it out with warm water.

Once Out Of The Tub

Her hair dries pretty quickly.

I pour oil into my hands, rub them together and smooth over her head. We use our fine-tooth comb to lay her curls and evenly distribute the oil over every strand.

I either hold her in my lap while I do it, or place her on her tummy while she holds her head up.

I absolutely love that she lets me do her hair. It's super therapeutic for me neatly laying down every strand.

Head Protection

It’s getting chilly, so she typically wears her hoodie or I cover her head when she is wrapped to me.

Dry Scalp

I have noticed a few dry spots at the crown of her head. No large flakes, it's just white and a little scaly.

I started using lotion (with the oil) to moisturize the skin on her scalp.

I'm not sure what is causing the dryness, but I'll keep you updated.

Have you noticed any scalp issues on your little one?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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