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Our 2 Month Old’s Hair Routine

On her two month birthday I started peeling her cradle cap.

Removing The Flakes

I used my nails and a fine tooth comb to gently remove the flakes. It took two weeks to get all of them out. There are cradle cap combs, but I was fine with using what I had.

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Why Did It Take So Long?

There were a lot and I really wanted to go slow and take my time.

It kind of reminded me of peeling a scab. It didn’t hurt her, but the skin looked slightly pink underneath, so I was very mindful to use coconut oil to soothe her newly exposed scalp.

Lint & Knots

She got her 2nd and 3rd lint knots during this time, so I started regularly combing her hair after every wash (morning and night).

Combing Her Hair

I combed in the direction of her hair growth.

We switched to olive oil simply because we ran out of coconut oil. As long as her hair products are edible, it assures me that they are safe for her gentle skin.

That’s it. Did your infant have cradle cap? What products and techniques did you use?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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