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Our 1 Month Old's Hair Routine

Our sweet baby is growing. She now bathes twice a day using only water.

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Bath Time

Her baths are 5 minutes or less, Which basically means I soak her in the sink to hydrate her skin and hair.

No Hair Tools Yet

I only use a wash cloth to pour water over her head. I fully saturate her hair and surprisingly she doesn’t mind if a little water gets in her eyes.


I use my hands to apply coconut oil to her wet hair. I like coconut oil because it’s thin, has a light scent and is the same oil I use on her body. I gently rub her hair in the direction it grows. It lays flat when wet, bends when it dries and curls when she sweats.

Soft Spots

The girls love to help care for their little sister, but I usually do her hair myself, because of her soft spots.

Head Covered When Out

Because she is so small, when we leave the house I keep her wrapped in our baby carrier and use the cloth to cover her head.

That’s it.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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