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8 Ways To Address Breastfeeding Backlash

Inspired by my chocolate girls who nurse and nurture their dolls.

After giving disapproving looks and complaining to restaurant management, a womyn quickly dismissed herself and her teens when she noticed I was nursing our infant. Breastfeeding is hard enough, and experiencing opposition like this used to leave me feeling guilty. Here is what has helped me…

1. Attend To My Child

In that moment, I can not care about anyone else’s discomforts and opinions. Attending to my child’s basic needs (hunger, anxiety, sleepiness) is most important.

black girl feeding her black doll

2. Ask Questions

When getting into debates I simply ask questions and listen. I've learned opposers usually talk themselves into a corner and I do not have to do much defending.

3. Walk Away

I would not recommend leaving all the time. Your maternal instincts will tell you when it's time to go.

4. Build A Support System

Connect with other nursing mothers online and in person. They can probably relate to close relatives not understanding when your two year old is reaching down your shirt.

5. Research

The more I learned — the more confident I felt nursing. Data will never fully capture the miraculous benefits of our milk. So I highly recommend seeking out images of mothers feeding children of all ages as a reminder that you are not alone.

6. Be Understanding

It’s okay that others do not understand now. I didn’t understand before I became a mother.

7. Be You

When nursing our one year old, an Ethiopian womyn approached me and thanked me. Simply seeing me breastfeed encouraged her to continue nursing her son.

8. Stay focused

From birth until their milk teeth fall out (usually around age 5), other substances can only attempt to provide the right nutrients for our developing babies. I focus on building strong immunities, a high functioning mind and an impermeable foundation for our children.

Until next time…

Peace & Love,


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