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How Do We Get Our Hair So Curly?

It’s naturally like that. And after about 5 years of trying different products, routines, tools and techniques, I finally figured out how to keep it that way.

Here are 6 tips that help our hair curl naturally.

1. Healthy Hair Curls

We pay close attention to our hair’s specific and unique needs. What it likes, doesn’t like and most importantly not trying to force it to do something it wasn’t created to do.

Our 4 year old has waves. Our 7 year old has tight curls. And I have really tight kinks and coils.

In other words, our 4 year old can not achieve the coils I have because her hair does not grow like that. Our goal is to keep her head healthy so her crown does was it naturally wants to.

How Do We Get Our Hair So Curly?

2. Water

Water plays an essential part in our healthy hair. I used to think I had to carry around a spray bottle and spritz our curls every time the water evaporated.

Nope! This caused more problems.

One good saturation followed by sealing the hair, keeps it healthy, hydrated and protected.

3. The Perfect Products

I used to use too many products on our youngest, which led to weighed down curls. It took time before I found products that worked best for her.

4. The Right Tools

Some love wide tooth combs. I prefer our wet brushes, because they clump our curls beautifully giving us the best results.

5. The Perfect Seal

Sealing in the moisture after the hair has been properly hydrated is super important to keeping the hair healthy.

We swear by olive oil because it’s light, natural and is amazing at getting the job done.

6. Styles That Compliment Our Texture

My hair loves a curly fro and grows exponentially in this style. Buns stretch my curls, braids hurt my head, and so to honor my curls and keep them the healthiest I typically wear a wash-n-go.

For the girls, plaits keep their hair healthy and protected so that once in a while when they do wear their curls, they bounce, move in the wind and are healthy.

In the end, the secret to getting our hair to curl is truly loving the way our hair comes out of our head.

Please know that one damaging blow dry, a too hot flat iron, too heavy products, or a too tight style, can cause damage at any point. And damaged curls may not curl properly after they’ve been abused for some time.

What about you? Have you witnessed how your hair naturally curls? Are you experiencing curl problems? What specific problems are you having?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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