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I Gained 20 Pounds While Breastfeeding (& Here's Why...)

I didn’t know I had gained so much weight. At 5.5” I was 186lbs with a 40.5 inch waist at my first prenatal appointment. How did I get so big?

1. Sedentary Life

I have breastfed while walking, but my preferred and most comfortable breastfeeding position is sitting or lying down.

And as an on-demand feeder, I did a lot of that.

2. Eating Was How I Coped

When someone is constantly suckling from me, I got bored, agitated, defeated, a little hungry.

More importantly, I was often tempted to grab something boxed and convenient, basically eating loads of crap in an attempt to satisfy and replenish what I felt our daughters were sucking from me.

3. I Ate More Than I Calorically Needed

My doctor tells me, “You don’t need extra calories, you need extra nutrition.”

Breastfeeding allegedly burns 500 calories a day. But I would assume nursing a newborn, who feeds more frequently would burn more than nursing a toddler who may only suckle at night or skip days.

So although I’ve breast two children beyond two years old, I do not think my body was burning that many calories to produce the milk.

4. Cravings For Two

Because I was technically still eating for two, I felt like the nutrients she needed my body still craved.

And because I chose conveniences over health, this often led to 4 slices of pizza, versus homemade spaghetti.

5. I Don’t Like Wasted Food

It’s ingrained in me, probably from my childhood and years of binging. With two children, I also had two plates plus my own to clean.

6. I Was Dehydrated

Water doesn’t only hydrate, it feeds our organs, muscles, body so that it can function properly. With a sluggish digestive system no wonder I was super bloated and unable to efficiently break down my food.

So My Solution ??

I don’t believe in losing (i.e losing weight), I’m a winner who LOVES to win. I strongly believe that if I add to my life the nonproductive habits and excess fat would fall away.

I started walking.

In 3 degree weather, in rain, in snow -- most days I walk.

My Goal?

To double my steps. Here's me in 2018 ...

versus 2019

I also focused on proper hydration through herbal teas, coconut and infused water (to name a few). Once my body was properly hydrated, it was better able to detox, burn, and do all the other normal bodily functions that our systems were naturally created to do for self-preservation.

So for all the breastfeeding moms out there trying to maintain a healthy body — You got this! Always strive to be a better you.

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

Why We Need Water While Breastfeeding

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