3 of My Favorite At Home Workouts

I recently got a gym membership, but getting to the gym during babysitting hours has been a struggle for me. Thanks to these three coaches, I am able to get a good workout in the comfort of our home.

1. Tiffany Rothe Workouts

She is gorgeous!! Her workouts largely use the hips, butt, and pelvis which I love. I feel sexy while working out (I call it dancing) with her. I love the 10 minute videos for a quick sweat. Tiffany Rothe is bilingual, a mom and a powerhouse!! Check, her out…

2. Afrifitness

Hearing the afro beats gets me amped and ready to move!! Plus Rachael looks like a regular chick getting her groove on. I prefer to dance over traditional workouts, because I like rhythmic movements that use the entire body. I also love practicing and learning new dance moves. Rachael Okesola is an extremely talented dance coach and body instructor, check her out…

3. Dance Ropes

I love this woman-man duo, because they fuse dance with jump rope for a fun workout. I am fascinated by their rope skills, and my girls love trying to jump too. Dance Ropes is looking for followers so that they can start a youtube page - so please support them. Until then, I break a sweat trying to do the rope routines on Instagram. The videos are a perfect 4 minutes for my frequently interrupted life. I can play the workouts back-to-back or do them multiple times throughout the day. The male is an amazing sports and fitness instructor from Nigeria who merged with Rachael Okesola from Afrifitness. Check them out...


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