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Which Workouts Boost Your Confidence While Breastfeeding?

As a breastfeeding mother, I crave workouts that take me on a spiritual-emotional transformation as well as a physical one. Here are my instructors...

1. Everybody Yoga

Witnessing Jessamyn's flexibility inspired me to celebrate my healthy curves. She teaches how to release tensions in the hips in order to open up the body on multiple levels.

2. Kukuwa Fitness

If you're a danceaholic, you will love exploring Africa through music and dance with Coach Cass and her mom from Kukuwa Fitness.

3. Tiffany Rothe

A mom herself, Tiffany incorporates the hips, butt and pelvis in her dance-inspired workouts. She also has 10 minute videos which are perfect when we are constantly interrupted by our little ones.

4. Afrifitness

Dance coach and body instructor, Rachael Okesola, uses afro-beats and grounded movements to make exercising fun.

5. Dance Ropes

This wombman-man duo fuse dance with jump rope. Their 4 minute videos combine the expertise of a Nigerian fitness instructor and rhythmic moves from Afrifitness.

6. Beyonce

Beyonce's Black is King was a heart-led project that continues to speak life into my spirit. I replay the lyrics multiple times while practicing my moves.

7. Michael Jackson

Michael has a bunch of family-friendly music with a powerful message. The kids and I love to free-style for an hour (or more) to his classics.

8. The Sun

I used to have a gym membership. But the demands of nursing frequently interfered with me getting to the gym during babysitting hours. Eventually I bought a double stroller and bikes to make family-friendly walks fun for everyone.

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Please know full breasts, spread hips and thick thighs are all healthy signs of motherhood. The goal in working out is not to lose them, but to strengthen our natural shape.

Which heart-healthy exercises replenish you when you're nursing?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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