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How We Found The Perfect Conditioner (For Our Hair)?

Finding the perfect conditioner has been life-changing. Our hair went from dry and brittle to soft and defined.

Here are the seven tips we used in finding the perfect conditioner - for our hair.

1. Knowing What We Needed

We wanted a product that worked for our entire family. With 4 heads to maintain (including my own), it was important for me to have a product that benefitted each of our unique curls.

I also needed a conditioner with all natural ingredients. I largely wash their hair in the tub and wanted a product that was gentle enough for their skin.

2. Finding A Store With An Excellent Return Policy

Over the years, we’ve tried so many products, so it was important that I find a local or online store with an excellent return policy, meaning they accept opened products.

If it weren’t for Walgreens (our preferred hair store), I would have wasted so much money collecting half-opened products that didn’t work for us.

3. Immediate Results

In my experience, the best conditioner works immediately.

It melts tangles, makes the hair bounce, and feels super soft when applied (even while wet).

How We Found The Perfect Conditioner (For Our Hair)?

4. No Adverse Effects

No flaking, stiffness, stickiness, foaming, dryness or bad interactions with other products. The best conditioner compliments our overall hair routine.

5. Smells Good

Pre-children, I flat ironed my hair on a weekly basis. So I literally smelled like burnt hair all the time. I love that we now smell like fruits and honey.

6. Easy To Use

Our conditioners come in a pump bottle and a jar - making them super easy to use.

7. Less Is More

The best conditioners do not require a lot. I used to use half of a bottle on my head alone and was still disappointed with the results.

Technique, tools, and routines also matter, but after many trials and failures, I learned just a few pumps of the right conditioner makes a huge difference.

What is your favorite conditioner? How did you find it? What are the signs that your hair loves it?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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