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How We Condition Our Hair To Make It Super Soft

Using the perfect conditioner isn't enough. Here are the steps we take to properly condition our hair and make it super soft.

How We Condition Our Hair To Achieve The Highest Level Of Softness

1. Properly Wash

Every good condition starts with a great cleanse. Without properly cleansing the hair, the conditioner is unable to penetrate the strands and work its magic.

2. Focus On Ends

I make sure to avoid the scalp and focus the conditioner on the ends of the hair. The amount of product varies, so we start with 2 to 3 pumps and then we add more until the hair feels soft and smooth.

3. Use Fingers

I massage, rub, work conditioner through the ends of the hair. While the hair is being nourished, it's important to use gentle and loving hands.

4. Thorough Detangle

We brush the conditioner through until it is evenly distributed, the hair is soft and fully detangled.

5. Leave A Little Conditioner In

Squeeze (do not rinse) out excess condition. Leaving a little conditioner in the hair keeps the hair hydrated.

Seal With Oil

Once the hair dries, the conditioner will evaporate with the water. So we use oil to coat the hair and seal the moisture in.

That’s it.

Do you have a specific conditioning routine? What steps do you take to make sure your hair is properly conditioned? If you don’t use conditioner, what does your family use?

Until next time...

Love Thyself,

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