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4 Easy Steps For Deep Conditioning Little Girls' Hair

4 Easy Steps For Deep Conditioning Little Girls' Hair | DommiesBlessed

With three heads of hair to maintain, wash day is long enough for our family.

I used to deep condition the girls' hair while they played in the tub. I’m so happy we found a quicker and just as effective way.

Step 1: Good Cleanse

Since the deep conditioners are very thick, we have to thoroughly cleanse their hair.

This involves combing the shampoo through, so that each strand is stripped of any product and dirt.

After shampooing, I also like to do an apple cider vinegar rinse to get rid of any extra build up on our hair.

Step 2: Condition

Although we are using a deep conditioner, we still use regular conditioner to detangle and soften the curls.

Step 3: Apply Deep Conditioner

While soaking wet, I apply a teeny amount of deep conditioner to each section of hair as I put in the protective style.

Step 4: Let It Sit

The deep conditioner sits in the hair (for sometimes days) until we take down the style.

That’s it. How do you deep condition your little one’s hair?

Until next time...

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