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Why Finding The Right Products Matters (For Our Curls)

We only use 2 products on our hair, and we largely depend on them to maintain its health.

Here are 3 reasons our products matters.

Why Finding The Right Products Matters (For Our Curls)

1. Water-Only Method Did Not Work (For Us)

Allegedly, we don’t need conditioner, because our scalp’s hair sebum was designed to naturally condition and nourish our hair.

I’ve tried the water-only method and I’m not sure if it’s our climate, our diet, technique or other factors, but our hair definitely relies on product to maintain its health.

2. Help With Detangling

I don’t need a lot, but we do use product to prevent knotting, breakage, overall damage and minimize pain while detangling our hair.

3. Seal Our Curls

Our curls are really fragile and rely on a layer of protection. I’ve found some products just coat the hair and some products superficially make the hair look nice for a few hours. We like products that really work at improving and maintaining our hair health.

So What Products Do We Use?

This bar soap (as a shampoo) and this conditioner. That's it. I find using less products makes wash day quicker and easier, because we are not peeling away layers of dirt and product.

It took us close to five years to find the perfect combination for our hair. So definitely take your time in finding the ones that work for you.

Does your family rely on hair products for your heads?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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