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5 Ways We Make Our Curly Hair Products Last Longer

Using these tips, our conditioner went from lasting one week to one month.

1. Combing Product Through Hair

On wash day after scrubbing and lathering their hair, we use a detangling brush and fine tooth comb to work the product through. When we do this, less product is needed, because these tools help the product reach each strand.

2. Use Products More Frequently

While this may seem counterproductive - using product more frequently helps ensure they last longer. I found that if the girls’ hair gets extremely dry and we don’t wash and apply product immediately, I ended up using close to a whole bottle to later fix the problem. So during the warmer months when the girls wear their curls, we tend to use hair products daily.

3. Fully Saturate Hair

We fully saturate the girls’ hair and let the water do most of the work before applying any product. Our soap and conditioner work best on drenched hair. When we use water as the crucial first step, less product is needed.

4. Use Minimal Product

We use soap, conditioner and oil. Sometimes a deep conditioner. Sometimes gel. And sometimes an apple cider vinegar rinse. But we pretty much stick to those three products. Because our regimen is so simple we do not use a lot of product to cleanse build up.

5. Wear Stretched & Protective Styles

After wearing stretched and protective styles, the girls do not need as much product to rehydrate their hair. Examples of protective styles are buns, bantu knots, twist and braids — they keep the ends of the hair tucked away. Some stretched styles are braid outs and twist outs - where the curls have been stretched from their natural pattern.

5 Ways We Stretch Our Curly Hair Products | DommiesBlessed

At eight to nine dollars a bottle, our hair was becoming a huge expense. I knew there had to be a better solution to keeping our hair healthy and hydrated. I hope these tips help you and your family stretch your natural hair products.

How long does it take you to empty a conditioner bottle? Has your hair ever been an expensive habit? If so, what did you do to resolve it?

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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