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We Tried Using No Product And Here Is What Happened?

Our hair became dry, matted and brittle.

I’ve heard that our hair’s sebum (the natural oil from our scalp) is all our hair needs. Allegedly, using products forces us to be dependent on them. For example, shampooing the hair strips it of its natural oils, so we then have to use conditioner to restore what we have stripped. The conditioner then collects junk, which means we need to wash it again and the cycle continues.

I’m a big advocate for exhausting our natural resources, but I guess I haven’t figured out how to properly take advantage of what Mother Nature naturally gave us.

Instead of using no product, I vouch for using minimal products and all-in-ones. For example, olive oil is our sealant. We also use it on our scalp, the ends of our hair, and for shine. Our conditioner is also our leave-in, moisturizer, and detangler.

Even for my wash-and-go, where I wear my hair in it’s most natural state, I still use product to make my curls pop and keep them protected.

Have you tried no product? What did it do for your hair? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

We Tried Using No Product And Here Is What Happened?

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