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Easy Summer Hairstyles (For Girls)

Summer's here -- which means we're back to daily stying with the girls. Below are some of our faves.

1. Curly Fro

little girl with a curly fro

Our girls love when their hair is loose, and summer is the perfect time to do just that. When we leave the house with wet hair, it dries in minutes. Our curly fros also puff up serving as the perfect scalp protection.

2. Braid Outs

Little girl wearing a braid out

Braid outs are another free flowing style that gives their hair and scalp a break. It only lasts for a day and we usually wear it after taking down week old braids.

3. Afro

Girl with afro puffs

Because braids outs don’t last long, I typically brush their hair out into an afro. I also find that the loose styles allow more oxygen flow and let their scalp breathe.

4. Bantu Knots

girls wearing bantu knots

Bantu Knots are perfect for any season, mainly because they take seconds to create. I simply detangle and twirl the hair around itself.

5. Big Plaits

girl wearing two plaits

Big plaits are another quickie. I find braids to be the best way to protect our little swimmers from chlorinated and salt water.

It's also important for me to do big plaits to minimize the parts, so that their scalp remains covered and protected.

6. Buns

girl wearing sleek bun

Buns can be quick and perfect for matted hair, dirty hair, and any other bad hair day. I just gather the hair and smooth down the edges. And most importantly, there are no parts.

7. Pony Tails & Pig Tails

girl wearing two pony tails

I basically love any style that celebrates their texture. Similar to buns, the hair is off the face, but with ponytails and pigtails their curls are out.

Please know that I only experimented with styles at the beginning of my mothering journey. As our family grew, I found it crucial to focus on simple styles and routines that our daughters loved and complimented their unique textures. Having one style that we repeatedly did week after week, helped me better understand their hair's needs and minimize the amount of manipulation, products, and tools it took to maintain it. Currently, we have two girls that wear wash-n-gos (or curly fros) and one daughter that wears bantu knots.

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