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3 Reasons We Use Natural Hair Products

3 Reasons We Use Natural Hair Products | DommiesBlessed

Not all natural hair products are created equal. We’ve experienced serious rashes and burns from hair products with natural ingredients.

It took us a while to find ones that actually worked for our curls and didn’t have any negative side effects. Despite this bumpy journey, we still prefer natural hair products over man-made materials.

Here are three reasons why…

1. Good For Environment

I’m always trying to find ways to leave this place better than we got it. I don’t want to create a high demand for chemicals and I also don’t want to pollute this universe with unnecessary toxins.

2. Protect Our Sensitive Skin

Our eldest daughter and I have very sensitive skin. Yes, we have had natural ingredients wreak havoc on us. I have no idea what the man-made chemicals are doing and I’d rather use products that won’t harm our skin.

3. No Synthetic Film

As odd as it may sound, I can feel the plastic or whatever man-made chemicals in certain conditioners. I prefer natural products that compliment our natural hair texture.

We occasionally use sulfate shampoos, like when staying at a hotel. We also have a huge tub of gel that doesn’t have all-natural ingredients. Although, we do not solely use natural products, we prefer them for the reasons listed above.

What has been your experience with natural hair products?

Until next time…

Peace & Love,


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