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7 Steps To Our Neatest Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are one of the easiest styles we do. Here are 7 tips we use to make sure they are super neat every time.

1. Part Hair With A Rat Tail Comb

I like the metal tip ones for the cleanest straightest parts.

2. Style On Damp, Not Wet Hair

I make sure their hair isn’t too dry or too wet. Damp hair ensures the hair is moisturized and looks shiny.

3. Detangle As I Go

The hair should be fully detangled before starting the knot. I continue to brush the hair while I twist so that there are no lumps.

4. Twist Until Hair Starts Curling On Itself

As I twist, the hair automatically creates the first stack. I use that as the foundation and neatly stack the hair under that first layer.

5. Spritz Ends With Water

I like to make sure their ends are moisturized even though they are tucked away.

6. Secure With Elastics `

Sometimes the Bantu knots will stay by themselves. I use elastics to make sure they do not unravel during the day.

Elastics are a cheaper version of rubber bands. Which means they break under pressure and are less lightly to get tangled and cause damage to your little one's hair.

7. Make Sure Bantu Knot Isn’t Too Tight

It’s easy for bantu knots to be super tight. But super tight styles can be damaging and pull out the hair.

After finishing, I twist the entire knot counterclockwise to make sure it isn’t pulling the scalp or any hairs. Then ask our daughter to move her head in different directions to make sure it doesn't hurt. If she can feel tugging, I loosen the knot some more.

How do you make your bantu knots super neat?

7 Steps To Our Neatest Bantu Knots

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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