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A Breastfeeding-Friendly Armpit Routine

Breast tissue reaches into the armpit. So having a routine that is breastfeeding-friendly is a must.

Here’s mine...

Embrace Sweat

The best way to embrace your excess wetness is to let your pits breathe.

Sweating under our arms and breasts are literally how our lymphatic system cleanses itself. So cotton spaghetti strap camisoles with shelf-bras became a staple in my wardrobe. Simply because they give me the freedom my body needs to breathe.

Go Natural Or Deodorant-Free

As an ingredient-conscious breastfeeding wombman, I took my time in finding an under arm formula that worked for me.

Which meant, I often went deodorant-free.

I’ve also tried diys (like baking soda with coconut oil) which were pretty messy. Other products were super foamy. Thankfully I found a brand (with a mission) that I love.

When testing out products, slide one stroke in the crease of your elbow to see how your body responds (scent, foam, etc) remember a little goes a long way.

Fall In Love With Your Natural Scent

Multiple orgasms are a vital part of maternal health. And they release a potent musk that radiates from the armpit.

I believe channeling orgasmic energy also helps cleanse our lymphatic system.

Take this time to intimately experience and become obsessed with your natural aroma.

Under Arm Hair Maintenance

I often rock a fro, but on the rare occasions I do shave, this cute little peanut leaves me feeling smooth and sexy. Don’t forget the coconut oil as your after shave. And the alcohol to clean the machine.


I heat up my favorite oil then reach my arm behind my back as if I were going to scratch it. With my free hand, I spend quite a long time digging deep into the souls of my pits.

This is how my diy breast-massage starts. And the results leave me feeling super relaxed, light weight and smelling sweet.

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Do you have a specific armpit routine? Which products and tools (if any) do you use? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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