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Does SheaMoisture Work For Straight Hair?

SheaMoisture lines for straight hair

It depends. SheaMoisture has 22 hair collections as of 2024. Six of them (29%) are designed for straight hair. They include...

  • 100% Virgin Coconut Oil

  • African Black Soap Bamboo Charcoal

  • SugarCane and MeadowFoam

  • Hemp Seed Oil

  • Purple Rice Water

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

What Is The Difference Between SheaMoisture's Straight Hair Lines & Curly Hair Lines?

All of SheaMoisture products are designed for curly hair. For example, if you love daily wash-n-gos, many of the shampoos in the straight hair lines are meant for gentle (but clarifying) washes. However, the straight hair lines are also meant to address the specific needs of straight-haired people. This includes...

  • silicone-free products,

  • a dandruff-fighting system,

  • oil absorbing cleansers

  • natural ingredients that strengthen the hair, and

  • natural ingredients that optimize hair health

Are The Straight Hair Lines Good For Curly Girls That Want To Wear Their Hair Straight?

SheaMoisture products are super heavy (in my opinion). This is probably because the main ingredient tends to be oils and/or shea butter. As a result the hair doesn't have the squeaky clean feel after washing no matter how little product we use. Instead the hair feels slightly weighed down. Having a stripped foundation (in my opinion) is super important to making sure the straightened hair is light and moves freely.

I'm writing this as a naturally curly-haired person. There are plenty of reviews online with completely different experiences. So we looked for a recent review from a naturally straight-haired person. On August 21, 2023, one Amazon customer wrote:

"So I am actually using both the shampoo and conditioner, and so far, these products seem to be helping my issue. I randomly got this very, VERY dry flaky spot on the upper part of one of my sideburns maybe the size of a dollar coin. I truly had (and still have) no idea what it was or if it was even related to dandruff, but decided to try a couple of anti-dandruff shampoos (i.e. Head & Shoulders, and Selsun Blue) which both failed. Then I found this product along with the conditioner, and decided to try it out. At the time of writing this, tomorrow will be a week using these products together and already I am seeing GREAT improvement; the flakes have significantly decreased to where none actually fall when I scratch (which most definitely was not the case for weeks) and the itchiness also is ~95% better. Additionally, I have noticed a great feel to my hair (I have thick, straight, course hair for anyone interested in knowing), and while I do keep it short most of the time, it grows fast so I can still feel the difference. It seems softer and definitely feels clean. Lastly, my biggest worry was the apple cider vinegar considering I HATE the smell of vinegar, but it is actually very mild, and overall the scent is nice. So to anyone also considering that, this definitely does not have a vinegar scent to it. I definitely recommend, even to those not suffering with dandruff; The ingredients seem pretty good and it is helping my hair, not just my scalp."

In conclusion, we find SheaMoisture products to be too heavy for straight styles, but there are straight-haired customers who absolutely love them. We're wishing you luck in finding the product (or line) that works best for you.

Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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