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10 Reasons To Visit A Library (With Kids)

The library is no longer a boring place full of old books. In fact, our family rarely reads there. Instead, the library is an amazing place to hang out, meet cool people and learn something new. I didn’t start regularly visiting the library until we had children. Here are ten reasons we keep going back.

Reasons to Visit A Library with Kids Infographic

1. Meet Families

We’ve met a couple of homeschooling families at the library. It’s a great place to meet new and like-minded people.

2. Cool Kids

Libraries are often a stopping ground and safe haven for many kids after school. These kids are smart, responsible and seem to love babies. We love meeting neighborhood kids and having them teach us new things.

3. Free Programs

There is an abundance of quality free programming at the library. We’ve attended unique events like a live art show and a doll collectors’ expo.

4. Predictable Routine

The library also offers reoccurring programming. These are events or activities that occur every week -- like story time. When we had our first daughter, I had no idea what to do with a baby. Regularly visiting the library became a part of our week that I really looked forward to. If you're interested in seeing what type of programming the library has to offer, you can always check out their events page. We also include some of their events in our calendar.

5. Library Hopping

We also visit different branches around the city to discover what different communities have to offer. One branch had a dog that the children could read to.

6. Free Play Space

Even when the library does not have a special event going on - the kids can color, build towers and have fun with their peers in an open space. The branch we visit does not mind children speaking above a whisper, which makes it a perfect choice for gloomy weather.

7. Reserve A Room

Anyone can reserve a room and use it as a study place or meeting space. Our first mommy meet-up was at the library.

8. Reserve A Computer

Using our library card, we have used desktops, laptops and even tablets (only offered at some locations).

9. Loads of Books

Yes, the internet lets us access the world through our fingertips, but there is something satisfying about reading a physical book -- and the library has loads of them. If you want to check out some of our faves, you can do so here.

10. Stay Connected

Visiting the library is another way to stay connected to the community. There are always fliers posted, brochures, local newspapers and librarians who keep us updated on cool events.

When was the last time you visited a library? What do you love about it?

Until next time…

Love The Journey,

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