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Our 8 Year Old's Hair Care Routine

Her texture requires water daily, so I either spritz her hair with our spray bottle or do it while she is in the shower.

Her Go-To-Style

Our 8 year old doesn’t care how I do her hair. I actually think she wouldn’t mind if I never did her hair at all.

But I’m happy we’ve settled on pigtails. It’s a super cute and quick style. By quick, I mean it takes about 12 minutes from start to finish. They also puff up super full and show off her healthy curls.

Wash Day

Everytime she showers, I wash or co-wash it.

Yes, this means the bathroom gets pretty wet, but I haven’t figured out any other comfortable way to make sure her hair is fully saturated every day.

I’ve tried showering with her, but with a one year old who loves bath time and water, it was a struggle.

With her hair in two sections I drench it with water. I remove the hair tie from one side and shampoo, making sure to gently scrub the hairline where I put gel in her hair.

I only cleanse once, then apply a healthy amount of conditioner.

To detangle her hair, I use our wide tooth comb, then the detangling brush. The wide tooth comb separates the curls, then the detangling brush clumps them.

When it’s thoroughly detangled, I use our soft bristle brush to smooth that section into a hair tie.

Then repeat all the steps on the other side.

Saving Her Part

Similar to her sister’s routine, I save her part. Caring for curly hair in sections makes it easier to deal with.

Pigtails on a beach

Also doing the same style everytime minimizes manipulation from so many different directions, which makes the detangling process so much easier and more enjoyable for both of us.


I use a small amount of gel on her edges. This is to hold down fly aways and for shine.

Hair Ties

I drench her hair ties in oil. This minimizes the amount of hair that gets tangled in the band. Which means they are easier to take out and less hair is lost in the process.

Learning To Do Her Own Hair

She is also learning to do her own hair. While she still struggles to thoroughly detangle it, I’m super happy she gets the basic steps of wetting, cleansing and conditioning.

Have you started teaching your daughter how to do her hair? How has the process been?

Until next time.

Love Thyself,

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