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5 Breastfeeding Positions (For Toddlers)

black doll breastfeeding

Nursing positions are all about comfort and practicality. When our girls were newborns I definitely breastfed in awkward positions, like while eating, cooking and walking. Now that our 2 year old is over 2 feet and 20 plus pounds, we have a whole new set of breastfeeding positions.

*Please note: the dolls bodies were not easy to bend. These images give an idea of the positions, and the descriptions below are more specific.

1. Hug Position

I often resort to this position if we are in public. Since our toddler is seated facing me with her legs wrapped around my torso, it's easier to cover the breasts with her body. I also use my arms wrapped around her (in a hugging position) as extra coverage.

breastfeeding positions

2. Cradle Position

She still loves to be cuddled like a newborn. Cradling is a nostalgic position that I doubt she will grow out of. In this position, our toddler lays on her side in my lap while nursing.

breastfeeding positions

3. Standing Up

I'm not sure if it's because she is so tall or because my nipples hang so low, but if I'm sitting and she wants the breast, she'll can easily reach into my shirt and take a sip.

breastfeeding positions

4. Sitting Position

Usually if I'm watching a movie with the girls, I will have our youngest sit next to me. Since my breasts have stretched so much from nursing, she simply reaches over and puts the breast in her mouth. This position is best for when I do not want a hot body on me.

breastfeeding positions

5. Laying Down

Nursing is still physically draining and the most comfortable when I'm in bed. Anytime I lay down, our toddler thinks it's time to nurse. She curls under me and pacifies on the breast until she falls asleep.

breastfeeding positions

What are you and your toddlers favorite nursing positions? Let us know below.

Until next time...

Love the Journey,

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