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4 Burping Positions That Work For Us

She usually burps on her own.

But I still use these 4 positions to allow her to relax after meals and release any lingering gas she may have.

Our 4 Burping Positions | DommiesBlessed

1. Sitting Up

First I simply sit her on my lap and rub her back.

2. Over The Shoulder

In this position, I place her chin on my shoulder and gently rub her back.

3. Across my Lap

Something about having her tummy against my squishy thighs is soothing to her. While on my lap I rub her back in circles.

4. Rotating Legs

Laying on her back, I rotate her knees in circles.

Our one-month old loves all of these positions. If she hasn’t burped naturally, she may fart or burp once I try these.

After releasing her gas, I switch to let her feed from the other breast. Sometimes she latches on and sometimes she doesn’t.

During the night, she typically feeds once or twice, but I do not burp her. She seems to sleep peacefully and quietly until the morning.

Does your little one burp without any help? What burping positions best work for you?

Until next time…

Love Thyself,

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