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Is A $40 Pregnancy Pillow Worth It?

Absolutely! Especially for co-sleeping with a night-nurser.

Prior to buying a pregnancy pillow, my most expensive pillows were $25 from Macy’s. They were definitely worth the price, but nothing compares to this c-shaped cushion that cradles me and the baby while we sleep. I find it to be more practical and doesn't crowd the bed like multiple pillows.

I first heard of pregnancy pillows from an expecting dad, who bragged about how his pillow gave him the best night’s sleep.

Years later when we were redesigning our sleep space, I remembered his comment and decided to try one.

As a mom with a breastfeeding one-year-old, my sleep ranges from 6-12 hours a day, so I really needed a minimalistic safe haven that supports the best rest. Our bed literally has a cotton sheet set, a 100% cotton thermal blanket, and my pregnancy pillow.

That’s it.

Our pillow is super soft and pretty heavy. As a fetal-position side sleeper, I like placing the bottom of the pillow between my thighs, to support my body’s alignment while sleeping. When wrapped around me, it simulates body-heat. And as an adult who likes to cuddle, this equates to a more comfortable and deeper sleep.

I also use it to create a barrier between the baby and the edge of the bed, which again makes me feel more confident that she’s safe when we close our eyes at night.

What do you use for a peaceful sleep while napping and night nursing? Have you tried a pregnancy pillow? Are you a fan? Need to schedule a one-on-one? Use code: HEART2HEART.

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Until next time...

Love The Journey,

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